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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nice Gesture but it Shows how NEP has Failed....

It is better late than never.

But it also shows how the NEP programs to eradicate poverty have failed the tens of thousands of Malaysians who are really struggling to eke out an existence.

It seems that the rich get richer with NEP but the poor remain marginalised unless someone bothers to take up the case.

SYABAS to the state assemblymanwho took the trouble to get them the funds.

So many benefits have been hijacked under the guise of the NEP over the past 35 years that I figure every family in similar circumstances could have received such a basic amenity like a RM20,000 low-cost house that it does not make for news anymore.

After all, 100,000 such homes will only need RM2,000,000,000 and that would have been spent over 35 years and changed the lives of 100,000 families.

Such a project should have been approved under the Welfare Department as poverty affects people of other religions too.

Photo: Thanks to http://www.pknp.gov.my/eAgency/webpknp/corporate_g8.JPG

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