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Monday, June 18, 2007

KL Floods - No More Disasters with SMART?

I wonder why the DID is now claiming that the SMART project may not prevent all future floods in KL. Is it a case of doubtful planning?

According to this undated government report, there is comprehensive flood planning in KL to take care of both structural and non-structural aspects.

The SMART project features prominently in the report.
You can also read the project details from the consultants here. You need Adobe Reader to read details.

It is interesting to note this passage in the government report:

"3.1 Permanent Flood Control Commission

Realising the need for a long-term water resources development strategy and master plan, the Government has carried out a National Water Resources Study (1982) to develop a comprehensive and coordinated water resources development programme for the country. The study has formulated a long-term plan for flood mitigation works in various flood-prone areas of the country. This includes improvement of 850 km of river channels, construction of 12 multi-purpose dams, 82 km of flood bypass, 12 ring bunds around urban centres, and resettlement of about 10,000 people in flood-prone areas. The whole plan was estimated to cost RM2.55 billion (1982 estimate) over a period of 20 years and will provide protection to some 1.8 million people. (However the cost for future flood mitigation works is now estimated to be in the region of RM17 billion for the next 15 years and the estimated number of people affected by flooding has now risen to 4.817 million.)"

"3.11 Integrated River Basin Management ( IRBM )

Under the concept of Integrated River Basin Management, the whole river basin is planned in an integrated manner and all factors are taken into consideration when a certain development plan is proposed. Factors like zoning for river corridors, riparian areas, natural flood plain, conservation of wetlands, storage ponds etc will be taken into consideration when preparing flood management plans. The concept of IRBM has been incorporated into and will be implemented starting in the 8th Malaysia Plan."

and the conclusion:

"4. Conclusion

Based on the experience accumulated over the years in implementing flood mitigation works, DID is today more conscious of the need to carry out such projects on a river basin basis rather than on a piecemeal approach. This kind of approach will involve a shift from the traditional thinking in terms of controlling flooding through expensive engineering structures to the more comprehensive approach of viewing the solution in terms of managing flooding by incorporating structural as well as non-structural measures."

It's quite a comprehensive report taking into account so many important factors. I guess they were too ashamed to own up that they made a major boo-boo by approving the construction of that LRT station at Masjid Jamek to encroach 3 meters inside the river channel height.

Photo: Near Merdeka Square. Perhaps next Merdeka parade could feature navy boats!

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