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Friday, September 29, 2006

Anyone for London Training?

Instead of training our athletes overseas the money would be better used to organise sports centers in the various states so that aspiring athletes are given more opportunities to develop their skills and the better ones given scholarships to the Sports Schools in Bukit Jalil.

For example it is quite difficult to rent badminton halls in most towns and the rent is too high for students. Some money should be allocated so that students pay less to use sports facilities.

In Johor Bahru the public tennis courts near the beach made way for Danga Bay development and I don’t believe any replacement was made. In one stroke eight beautiful public courts were gone for good.

Our junior soccer players can even be organised into various leagues in Malaysia and the champions playing senior players in local friendlies.

If they are any good I am sure talent scouts from overseas will sign them up.
The present scheme for the London project seems to be on the basis of, “Let’s throw mud on the wall and how much sticks.”

Best to forget about soccer if you look at the skills and physique of the Africans. We should focus on non-contact sports for another 2 generations.
Our children are getting taller but unfortunately most tend to be obese.

Even for badminton we are struggling to maintain some respect as most of our players’ weakest link is the fighting spirit.

Of course visiting such a local center in nearby Ulu Tiram for publicity is not so glamorous.

This London project is one of the most hare-brained schemes devised. It ranks with sending a Bolehnaut into space or doing a drop test for Proton at the North Pole.

photo: http://squashweb.squashpics.nl/albums/dutchopen2005-2/normal_Kampioene%20Nicol%20David%20in%20actie.jpg

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