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Saturday, September 16, 2006

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

This is a sorry case of a misguided child that society has failed.

Instead of being busy in school to prepare for a meaningful life, she has been wrongly advised by her elders to commit a crime.

Having to take care of a baby is really a heavy responsibility for even married couples. One cannot imagine the struggles this child had to face being a single mother who had to live with her poor mother who was also struggling.

The positive outcome of this story is that the baby is safe and now in the care of the father’s family. I hope the Attorney-General’s department is prepared to temper justice with some mercy and not prefer charges against this poor girl.

Maybe the police can give a severe reprimand to the girl, her boyfriend and whoever else was in the plot to “kidnap” the baby. This would help everyone and also show the caring side of the police and help gain better cooperation of the public in the struggle against crime.

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