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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Doctors in Peril

That a young doctor lost her life is itself a tragedy.

Now it is even sadder to know that the government does not even provide compensation as she had not been confirmed in her post.

What kind of caring government do we have?
One can accept that a person on probation may not get all the perks of seniors but surely there must be some basic life and accident insurance provided by an employer?

No wonder our young doctors are reluctant to return to serve the nation when they are being treated worse than Indonesian maids who are required to be provided some insurance benefits.

I am sure her success as a doctor would have had a great impact in her family’s future and now that has been ended.

As the hospital (and the government) has not seen fit to safeguard this young doctor perhaps her family will consider the possibility that the ambulance had not been properly maintained or driven and that negligence caused the accident.

Any lawyers care to comment?

1 comment:

Anak Merdeka said...

Yes, you said it HJ. Our govt which promotes Islam Hadhari failed to demonstrate that they have a heart.