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Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Grass is Lousier on the Other Side of the Causeway

So LKY has managed to ruffle some feathers again; mostly those of BN parties.

Instead of flying off the handle, the word “naughty” being the mildest rebuke, we should accept the comments as the view of an outsider who is giving his considered opinion.

Of course Singapore is not a perfect country or it will be renamed Paradise or Heaven and that would need the Pope’s edict.

So what is wrong with the comments about “marginalization”? If we look at the way government policies have been hijacked to suit the objectives of the ruling party, it seems that the “M” word is too polite and inaccurate.

Just consider three aspects of everyday living and contemplate how the lives of Malaysians have been affected after 30 years of NEP policies.

• Millions of youths have been denied the chance to study in local universities as the parallel stream of admission favours one group of citizens.

• Hundreds of civil servants have been bypassed for promotion as others were fast-tracked and now the remaining non-Bumi holders in the top 3 posts in government departments are either retired or about to do so.

• Hundreds of professional spouses of non-Muslims have been denied or delayed PR status so their very existence in Malaysia is unstable.

After so many years of NEP policies many leaders have become immune to the situation and perhaps it requires someone like LKY to remind us that we have been drifting with the currents of discontent and “tiadapathy”.

Even after having endured the marginalization process by the NEP, Malaysians now have to consider the burden of citizens who now cannot work without crutches. The worst part is that we still have leaders telling people that those crutches are integral to their existence.

Some of you may have not heard the story of the little boy and the butterfly.

The boy was watching the pupa struggling to emerge from its cocoon. It was a great struggle and the boy decided to assist the pupa. He took a pair of scissors and cut the cocoon open.

Then he was surprised to find that the butterfly could not spread its wings and fly away. It just died before his eyes.

The boy was sad and asked his mother what happened.
“My son,” said the mother,” by struggling to break the cocoon, the pupa forces body fluids into the wing membranes so that when it emerges the wings will be able to work properly. Since you cut the cocoon it did not have that chance.”

We don’t have any famous sportswomen but Nicol David who retained her World Title recently.
Suppose she decided she is already the best player and decides to take a three month holiday to party and enjoy life. Do you think she will win the next time she plays?

Any professional will tell you that to maintain top form requires hard work and consistent application.

NEP policies do not do that but encourage nepotism and corruption as even simple projects can be easily manipulated.

So I would replace the “M” word with Discrimination.

photo: Niagara Butterfly Park


PabloPabla said...

I did not think LKY said anything wrong. It's factual.

Anak Merdeka said...

It stung them because it was the truth they could not face up to.

Trashed said...

The word "marginalisation" was indeed mild as the actual fact of the matter is that citizens of Malaysia are discriminated by race in many arenas.

Malays have experienced positive discrimination while the non-Malays are negatively discriminated.

Going on to 50 years of Merdeka, do we need this still ?