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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Empty Nest Syndrome

I guess that is the situation my wife and I are facing.

My son, our youngest child has gone to the UK to study law. In a way he discovered his career interest by accident or perhaps it was by divine planning.

He had to study A levels in JB and decided to take up Mathematics, Accounting and Law at Crescendo College and became so interested in Law that it was used for bedtime reading.

I am glad that he discovered a subject he could be interested in as that is almost half the battle won.

After having 4 children in our house with in-laws and also maids, our house is really empty now. That is devoid of people but all the stuff they leave behind for storage or safe-keeping.

With one daughter in Canada, another in the UK and a third in Singapore I guess we have contributed to the “diaspora” of Malaysian talents.

But my belief is that my children should be qualified to work where their talents will be appreciated and where their careers can develop to benefit both themselves and their employer for a mutually rewarding relationship

The good thing is that we will look forward to their visits once or twice a year.
I guess my family has come full circle now. I studied in the UK and now my son also has that opportunity.

As a preparation for his stay overseas we sent him for an Outward Bound School course in Lumut as he was not selected for the National Service scheme.
As a matter of comparison, some OBS trainees who had attended also NS claimed that OBS is a much tougher course.

I am sure he will have an experience that will last a lifetime.


yellowkingdom said...

Congratulations! To both Pat and you for successfully fulfilling your parental responsibilities scintillatingly. I am glad you both now have the luxury to rediscover your relationship with each other as a couple in your new phase in life. Kudos! I hope to emulate your achievements. Best wishes to your family!

PabloPabla said...

I am sure your son will gain invaluable experience! But I hope he's not influenced by the L.A. Law type of shows on TV. It DOESN'T work that way in Malaysia.

H J Angus said...

yellowkingdom and pablopabla
thanks for your comments.

He does enjoy Boston Legal and really fond of tort.
Maybe he will apply to Pablo for a job after he qualifies? Haha...just kidding.

I guess we have given them the means to fish and now hope they can fish on their own