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Monday, September 04, 2006

BEWARE! Malaysians on the Road

Maybe I should be happy as my 19-year old son passed his driving test the first time recently.

This time there was no request for any inducements to pass unlike 3 years ago when my daughter took her driving test. Then there was a scheme whereby non-Bumis were asked to pay more to “guarantee” a pass. Bumis paid less as the operators also applied some NEP principles.

Perhaps the anti-corruption drive is having some effect or maybe the increased fees have some provision to increase the chance of passing unless you do something completely stupid.

But this incentive is hardly the means to enforce safer driving habits. What is the status report on the recalcitrant ministers? All given a 100% discount?

But back to the scenario on new drivers. If your son or daughter has just passed the driving test you need to supervise their driving for at least a month or a minimum of 10 sessions before you allow him to drive unsupervised.

Some parents believe that just letting them learn on their own is best but please do not do that if you value your child’s life.

If you have just passed your driving test try to get an experienced driver to give you feedback on your driving. Having passed a driving test in Malaysia does not mean you can drive safely.

People do not realise how dangerous a car is. It can kill you and your friends.

Photo: http://www.nitrospeed.net/shows/40 (warning: may upset viewers)

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The Malaysian. said...

Excellent post. Every parent should read it and act accordingly.