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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Flushing our Funds?

Many Malaysians have poor toilet habits as most do not take the trouble to clean up their mess in public places although I think we are improving.

The more fundamental cause is that those who supervise toilet cleaners are mainly sleeping on the job and the property manager is just content to collect the entry fee and let you take your chances.

Now someone has this bright idea that if we spend RM500k on a self-cleaning toilet that will solve all our problems.

YES, That will work for a week or a month if our maintenance record is anything to go by.
Unless that RM500k includes two years maintenance contract to make sure everything works and for the cleaning chemicals and toilet paper.

Otherwise why should anyone pay that much for an APT which can be purchased for RM282k ex-New Zealand?
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How much would shipping and setting up cost?
Want to guess at some numbers?

I would guess another RM18k to include installation to bring that figure to RM300k assuming no import duties but need to pay sales tax.
The supplier needs to support his family so allow a margin of RM20k for each unit and the total cost should be RM310k tops.

Such facilities may be nice when it works properly but depending on automatic devices when humans are involved can prove disastrous as there have been incidents when people were ignorant of the cleansing cycle and got cleaned with the facility.

Also the skills required to keep the facility in good working order are much higher than those for the basic toilet where only rudimentary training in hygiene is necessary.

This seems to be a case of throwing good money after bad. Why not ask the manager in charge of the cleaning team find out how the better managed shopping centers organise their work schedules?

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