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Friday, September 15, 2006

Can We Stop the Good Cop, Bad Cop Routine?

Oops they did it again. Maybe our journalists can be excused as they did not to ask probing questions or maybe sensationalism helps to sell more copies.

Today the IGP say he was misquoted and what he meant was that there were some items in the Royal Commission’s report that were not fair to the police.

It was also mentioned that the police have also submitted their own proposals to make the IPCMC workable.

Since the AG’s office seems to be taking forever to get to grips with the conflicting requirements it would be worthwhile for the police or the minister to disclose to the public what were in their proposals.

I am sure the public will be able to contribute to the discussion and after one week’s airing in Lim Kit Siang’s blog a good solution will be found.

After all the public has paid good money to read the commission’s report and they should be entitled to know what else can be done to enhance the effectiveness of the IPCMC.

Both the public and the majority of the police officers know that to create a world class police force we need to raise standards and the IPCMC is one way of doing that.

Just an example: A few weeks ago there was a report that the police would not entertain SMS in Chinese and my reaction then was “Surely that’s not such a big problem?”
With IT and smarter mobile phones, translation should be convenient.
Today it is good to read that the language barrier has been solved.

SYABAS to the police for this improvement!

photo: malaysiakini. Not everyone gets invited to collect a police permit for a demo.

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yellowkingdom said...

Hi HAngus,

The irony of it was that when the police chiefs of Johor and Negeri Sembilan (NS) were quoted on the same page of the Star paper side by side. Johor claiming it was capable of automatically translating Chinese to English, whilst NS said it lacked the resources.

So much for intra-departmental co-operation and the stream-lining of police resources to combat crime, when all reports to the IGP. I wonder what transpires when the IGP chairs state police chiefs meetings. ;)