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Monday, September 25, 2006

What Results Would You Like to See in the Next General Elections?

The response for MALAYSIAWATCH POLL 12 was more encouraging with 48 votes the highest so far. Thanks to the voters.

45 voters wanted to see the BN lose badly in the next GE with 60% or 29 votes hoping that PKR or DAP would win to from a few state governments.

10 votes or 21% wanted the BN to lose the 2/3 majority

6 votes or 13% wanted the BN to form a minority government

There was only 1 vote or 2% for each of the following:

BN Retain Current Position

PAS to Form Government in a Few States

Local Elections Reinstated

For this week’s poll, let’s see how sensitive Malaysians are towards comments from Outsiders.

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