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Friday, September 08, 2006

MALAYSIAWATCH POLL 10 Results (31 August 31, 2006)

What Do You Think Would Be the Most Important Factor to Achieve BANGSA MALAYSIA?

The response was better with 27 respondents.

10 chose The Replacement of Race-based Parties with Multi-Racial Parties
6 chose The Demise of the BN Coalition
5 chose All Children Studying in the Same System until Graduation
3 chose The Removal for Compulsory Conversion to Marry Muslims
1 chose Allowing Children of Mixed Marriages to Decide on Religion at 18 years

2 picked We Have Already Achieved That
No one selected Allowing Apostasy for Muslims Without Undue Harassment

In the UK, Tony Blair has announced that he would resign sometime during the next 12 months. Over there democracy is thriving and even top leaders leave if they no longer enjoy the confidence of MPs and the electorate.

This week's poll give you the chance to share your views on our own PM's Performance.
The question is:

What Do You Consider the PM’s Greatest Achievement/Failure to Date?

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