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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Respecting Nature

All of us are shocked that someone as experienced as Steve Irwin could have been killed by a stingray but his untimely death only proves two things:

 We must respect nature and all God’s other creatures and
 We know neither the time nor the place when our time on earth will be up.

So we should treasure the time we have with our loved ones and those we meet on a regular basis. There is goodness in every person and often we do not take the trouble and the time to understand our fellow human beings.

The only consolation about Steve’s death is that he probably died happy doing the thing he was really passionate about. Not many of us enjoy that privilege as we struggle with our daily routine.

Photo: this monitor lizard used to swim in our outdoor bathtub/fish pond but does not visit anymore.


The Malaysian. said...

Very well put Angus. You'll make an excellent Catechism teacher. You have the knack for writing in simple English, even the most complex subject.

H J Angus said...

thanks the malaysian
Don't know about teaching Catechism though.

Quite a big commitment as in JB it is every Saturday evening.

Do you teach Catechism?