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Friday, September 22, 2006

Changing the Government – Malaysian Style

We should not encourage a military coup like Thailand but how do we change a government that is showing signs of tiredness and a lack of new ideas to attain developed nation status?

Let us look at some basic problems we are facing:

• Racial politics is still very evident and even national leaders resort to this instead of developing a unified and inclusive approach to nation building.

• National policies have been hijacked by leaders to create an exclusive club where cronies get most of the cream and only leave some crumbs for the rest of the population.

• Affirmative action policies have failed to make any significant changes to most of those living in poverty irrespective of race.

• There is still massive leakage in most projects awarded from incomplete and failed projects, missing projects and substandard works.

• There is significant human capital loss and even Bumis educated overseas at taxpayers’ expense are not returning to serve the nation.

• There is a reluctance to discuss important issues like the sacking of the judges as leaders do not know how to address important issues like corruption and an independent judiciary.

Even though the BN government received the biggest show of support in the last General Elections that was predicated by a promise of reforms in the government but sadly no major changes have occurred and everything is a “work in progress”.

Even the much anticipated IPCMC has been stalled and it seems some MPs have an incestuous relationship with rogue members of the police who oppose the independent commission.

So how do we go about changing the government if we do not like their leaders or their policies?

I predict that the BN government can be defeated within the next three general elections provided they do not resort to electoral fraud and the police and defence forces are loyal to the duly elected government of the day.

It is good to hear the IGP mention that the force should be “colour-blind” so I presume they will remain loyal to the government whenever it changes.

How does one eat an elephant?
The answer: One piece at a time.

The strategy is this:

Voters in a few states like Penang, Kedah and Sabah, Sarawak should vote in an opposition state government like PKR or DAP so that all Malaysians can witness how they implement good policies for the whole population.

Voters will also deny BN their 2/3 majority or even force BN to form a minority government. Hopefully this will encourage them to give up racist politics and evolve more multi-racial parties.

Change will be painful for many but if we do not change Malaysia will soon be overtaken by many other countries as many of our policies are hampering the nation in the global market.

If you read the news during the past few months, many items were related to the problems created by our racial political parties as it is the nature of the beast. One cannot expect a party founded on race not to fight the cause of that race.

How do we change a racist party?
We do have that power to change it as they will not do it themselves. In other words we can put them out of their misery by simply not voting for any race-based party.

During the last GE most Malaysians gave AAB a massive “thumbs-up” for change. Let us give the leaders another massive signal that we reject race-based parties by voting against the major race-based parties.

What is the worst case scenario?
I don’t believe the BN government will lose but they will lose the 2/3 majority and perhaps another one or two state governments.

That should be good to get them to do some serious rethinking to ensure Malaysia progresses on the road to better racial harmony and a shared vision for peace and prosperity.


Meng said...

BRAVO HJ!! I am glad you raise this issue. We should all be thinking along these lines and the opposition is not just opposition bUt "government in waiting". I say this not because I hate BN for the party with its racially segregated formula has done much for the country. I say this because we need to march towards a civil society where there is press freedom and proper accountability and transparency in government. A multi party system is now needed.

(Not to hog your blog) but the main constraints very quickly:
1) Election commission - free & fair?
2) Police and army - constitution or BN?
3) Press and media - Will the opposition's cause be known?
4) Rakyat's fear of chaos - BN feeds on this

Having said that, we are in exciting times because we have nvr been so close to seeing changes.

H J Angus said...

thanks meng

It is up to U and younger voters to see the need for change.

Maybe if BN do badly in next GE some component parties may decide that race-based parties are no longer relevant and agree to form one or two multi-racial parties instead ie Team A and Team B.

That way we have a choice of which team provides the best menu!

You r most welcome here so don't worry about hogging my blog.
That may inspire others to also comment.

Sometimes writing can be quite a lonely experience.

xero said...

Good write up HJ!

I am a young DAP supporter, and I would be hoping that they will increase their seats significantly in the coming GE.

I've also thought of a somewhat similar plan of how DAP should proceed in the election. Definately win Penang, I think DAP has one of the best chances of doing this right now.

Perak could be the second state to aim for, but Kedah? Hmmnn... I think that's too tough of a nut to crack for DAP atm.

I also agree that the key to making BN deracialise its politics is for voters to vote for multiracial parties. This will show them what the rakyat's preference is.

However, I feel that DAP is really hampered by its lack of Malay support. Chinese-majority seats are an endangered species now. That is why I am an advocate for it to be in an alliance with PKR to expand its electoral sweep.

Comrade, I hope you don't raise your hopes to high up for DAP. This is because eventhough there is widespread dissatisfaction now, due to unfair gearrymandering, its stronghold seats are dwindling, and it definately won't be able to challenge BN's political supremacy.

However, they and PKR can at least try to dent BN's pride. Let's all rally behind them in their process of trying to do that.

Hidup DAP! Hidup PKR! Hidup Bangsa Malaysia! :D

Btw, I frequently write about Malaysian politics in my blog too, so if you're interested, you can check it out at: sigma.blogsome.com

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