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Monday, September 11, 2006

Let the People Decide?

I find this position strange as it infers that the people must live with any bad and unjust decision of a minister who is endowed with dictatorial powers as his decision is final and cannot be challenged in a court of law.

We all know that ministers are human and do make honest mistakes plus some dishonest ones as well.

Not many of their decisions have been challenged and only a few citizens will take the matter to court so what really is the minister scared of?

Making the people wait five years is too long to kick out the minister and even then it may not be possible as the minister may not stand for election in the place where the aggrieved persons are living. What other recourse do people have? Street demonstrations?

The status quo was more just as the minister would have to think carefully before implementing any policy changes.

We agree that thinking may involve some painful exercise of their underworked brains but if anyone wants to be a minister we should demand that they do some serious thinking first.

This lazy method of no challenge has seen a plethora of bad decisions, U-turns and hasty implementation all of which affect everyone’s lives.

All ministers must accept that whatever they decide is not carved in stone and the majority of the population know that sometimes ministers are prone to making bad decisions.

YES. Let the people decide. Why not have a referendum listing all the amendments to the constitution and asking the voters’ choices? Malaysia will be a happier country if its citizens are given a bigger role rather than the once every 5 years routine.

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