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Thursday, September 28, 2006

So What’s the Big Surprise?

According to this story

“Dang Wangi OCPD Asst Comm Kamal Pasha Jamal said Musa only gave an hour’s notice before turning up.”

The new IGP seems to know how to manage and control his men but I suggest the next time give 30 minutes grace and then perhaps a minimum of 10 minutes warning to be applied to all visits.
One hour is a long time to get things in proper order. A illegally detained prisoner may be transferred elsewhere and cops who have gone AWOL will have time to return from a 50km radius.
If you have a rogue cop he will have enough time to go out, do a snatch theft and return to base for inspection.

This mode of control is only good if one can maintain the element of surprise. One would expect for good operational efficiency a police department should be prepared for such scrutiny with a 10 minute warning.

As a security force the police should be ready all the time. You can be sure any terrorist group is not going to phone and give them even a single minute warning before launching an attack.


PabloPabla said...

For spot-checks, there shouldn't have been a warning in the first place. That defeats the purpose of the check, isn't it?

H J Angus said...

Guess he wanted them to give him a warm welcome instead of finding the whole station in disarray?

Hopefully the warning period will be reduced drastically like the time it takes to go to the toilet..

PabloPabla said...

I still remember the dreaded "fingernails" spot checks in school. You can imagine the sweat rolling down the forehead as the teacher walks down the classroom aisle with a ruler in hand ready to give your knuckles a couple of knocks when your fingernails are too long for their liking :)

yellowkingdom said...

I still remember when my school had its on-going cleanliness campaign. We had rostered two duty boys to clean the classroom everyday. One morning the disclipinary teacher showed up immediately after the school assembly on Friday morning for a spot-check to discover that the window panes were dirty. He called out the duty boys and caned them in front of the class to the chagrin of the Head Prefect and Head of Student Council, both who were in my Form Five class. We protested and the matter was settled in the Headmaster's office.

There was absolutely no warning or mitigation allowed.