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Monday, September 11, 2006

Taking Care of our Overseas Students

It is good that rates for our students overseas have been revised as studying overseas is a major problem if the living allowance is insufficient.

What is missing from this article is the number of government scholars in the various categories.

It is quite surprising that we can afford to send thousands of students for pre-university students overseas when we have many colleges in Malaysia that can provide good courses.

Speaking from personal experience, my son completed 3 subjects at A level standard in one year at a Crescendo College and 2 of those subjects were brand new i.e. Law and Accounting.

So what is the rationale for sending such students overseas if many cannot even cut it in local schools?

My daughter who studied in IMU mentioned that there were students in the school who had to return after failing direct entry to an overseas university and had to restart all over.

It appears that the selection process seems to have failed. Many of the students were probably not qualified for scholarships but were awarded on some unspecified criteria.

Perhaps the minister can reveal the number of students in each category and also why so many have to be sent for pre-U studies overseas?

For RM3000 per month, that would support 3 local students. This is a waste of public funds when so many bright students have to forgo higher education.

Photo: My son and daughter near the 12 apostles, Victoria


The Malaysian. said...

There was a time when there was a semblance of fairplay when it came to scholarships for studies abroad. I am one such lucky person who made the cut and was awarded a Federal scholarship to attend a highly regarded professional course overseas. I simply cannot imagine my child getting one any time soon even with the results I had then.

H J Angus said...

Congrats! You must have been pretty smart.
I imagine that during your time there was no sneaking in via the matriculation system.

I remember during my time I was the only non-Chinese in the upper six form.